Tutorial – Finger Knit Blanket

The holidays are coming up and handmade gifts are always sure to be well received.  This finger knit blanket pattern is so easy and quick, almost anyone could figure it out! And it makes such a lovely and squishy blanket in the end!

All you need is some super chunky yarn, about an hour or 2, scissors, and your fingers!

I used 4 skeins of Mainstays Chenille Chunky yarn to make a good lap blanket size. It ended up being around 4×4 feet. I used the Mainstays yarn on mine; Bernat Blanket Big would be a good substitute to use, but you can pretty much use any super chunky yarn you can find.

It’s good to find a large flat area to make this, so it can lay out and you don’t lose any stitches. The only flat area I could find is my bed, which worked out really well.

You start off making a chain with the yarn. I chained 20, and then one more that’s used for the first stitch of the second row.

Then you pull loops through each of the chains, and that’s your second row! At the end of each row, chain one and that will be the first one of the next row.

Make sure the loops are all equal in size. If you make them super tight, the blanket will end up being smaller and tighter. If you make them super loose, the blanket will end up being larger and a lot looser. I personally like it to be on the slightly tighter side, as it makes the blanket thicker and more plush which is really cozy. 
Another tip would be to roll the blanket up as you go, so it’s a little easier to continue making loops.

To finish the blanket, I made the last row with longer loops and then pulling one through the other and then the next through that one, and so on until you’re to the end and then just pull the tail through the last loop. 

Once you’ve done that and you weave the tail in, your blanket is all done! Perfect for cuddling up with a good book and some tasty tea!


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