Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For the Procrastinators

If you’re anything like me, you wait until the last minute to do anything, and that can backfire on you way too easily. Christmas is just a couple days away and buying something online isn’t always guaranteed to arrive by Christmas, so the next best thing? Making Christmas presents! 

There’s always the good ol’ mason jar cookie mix, which are always cute and well received. They’re also super easy and cheap to make! Get a mason jar, pour the dry ingredients in, decorate it with cute ribbons and a little tag that has all the wet ingredients they need and how to bake them! If you want some tasty looking recipes, here are some that I like, Peppermint Crunch Dark Chocolate, Andies Mint Cookies, Hot Chocolate Cookies.

You can also make this super cute finger “knit” blanket; it’s super easy and so fluffy and soft! You will need a few skeins of thick fluffy yarn and a couple hours, and voila! I’ve made quite a few of them and every single one was really well received!

Have you seen the velvet scrunchy fad? I was pretty skeptical at first, but they are so easy to make and are so soft, it’s hard not to love them! They made great stocking stuffers, or if you need to get gifts for a bunch of people you can easily make way more than you know what to do with (ehem, like me!).

Another small, unique gift are these chunky tassel earrings! They’re definitely a one of a kind gift just for that special person in your life. These ones I would say are a bit more difficult to make than the other ones on the list. I had a little bit of trouble with all the small bits and pieces.

And lastly, this super cute Bobbie Beanie tutorial. It takes about one skein of Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn, and about an hour or two of your time. Most people wear and love hats, and this is definitely one of the easiest patterns I know of. You don’t need to be super experienced in crocheting to be able to make this, either.

If you make any of these, I’d love to see them! Tag me on Instagram, @pottpro so I can see them!


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