Learning to Crochet – Lesson 4 Tips and Tricks

Let’s take a break this week and learn a couple tips and tricks to make things a little easier for you.

Starting off with tying in your ends. This is something that pretty much everyone hates but I’ve found a couple tricks to make it easier. When I first started I would just try and weave in the tiniest little tail, and surprise surprise, they would usually work their way out and I’d have a bunch of little strings hanging off my work. I recently found out how amazing it is to use an embroidery needle. Leave a several inch tail at the end and using the needle you can literally weave it through super easily, and it stays so much better!

Another way to work your ends in, is working them in as you go. I forget about this one way too often and then as I sit there weaving my ends I’m stewing about how I wouldn’t have had to do this if I had just done it along the way. How to do this, you just kind of crochet around it. I’ll have it laying down along where I’m going and it’ll just sit there and get crocheted in as I go.

The next one that’s a little more difficult, is the Magic Circle. It took me a little bit to understand it, and I’m not sure if I fully understand it yet, but it works every time….so I just go with it. You’ll start out wrapping the yarn around your 2 fingers, and how you do it really does matter. Next put the crochet hook between the yarn and your fingers and then pull the yarn closer to your hand under the other yarn, and then make sure and hold everything as you take the yarn off your fingers and then chain up and you can crochet around the circle. The great thing about this, is you can just pull the tail and it’ll tighten it up and make a nice tight circle.

The next one is the Magic Knot. It’s like literally magical! Do you ever need to tie 2 pieces of yarn together but you haven’t quite found a knot that stays and that doesn’t have a bunch of extra things you have to tie in at the end? Well! The magic knot is where it’s at. You take 2 pieces of yarn, lay them out in V shape, one under the other like pictured below. Take one and knot it around the other color, and repeat it with the other color. Once you have a little circle, you can pull them tight so the knots are touching. If they don’t pull together you didn’t do something right. It took me a couple times to understand it, but then it was super easy. Next is the super scary part, cut as close to the knots as you can/feel comfortable doing. That part was super terrifying for me to do, but the person I learned it from said it wouldn’t come apart, and I’ve never had them come apart.

These are just a couple things that may help you in your crocheting. They’re are ones that I use on a regular basis and think everyone should know.


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