Learning to Crochet – Lesson 5 Star Stitch

Yesterday was my birthday and I figured I’d do the stitch I’m currently obsessed with. The star stitch is a little more complicated, but it looks so freaking pretty!! Once you get it down, it should be pretty easy.

Start out by chaining 25. Once you have 25, start with the first stitch next to your hook and put the hook through it and pull a loop through. Repeat until you have 6 loops on your hook, and then pull the yarn through all 6 loops, which should create a nice curve. Chain 1, and that’s your first star stitch!

The next part is a little more difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy. You’ll need to get 6 loops on your hook again, but it’s not quite as easy as the first one. Pull a loop through the center of the star, the last leg of the star, the base of the star, and the next 2 stitches.

Continue that until you have 10 “stars” across. Once you’re at the end of the row, chain 2 and turn. Half double crochet in the first stitch, and then another hdc into the center of the star below. Continue across doing 2 hdc in each star center until you reach the end of the row, and then put your last hdc into the turning chain of the row below it.

Once you’re to the end of the row, chain 2 and turn. This is a loopy row, so you’re going to start on the chain 2 post by pulling a loop through one of the front holes in the post, then one of the back loops, one at the base, and then one from each of the the next 2 stitches. Pull though all the loops, and then continue like the first row now that you have the beginning star to work with.

Once you’ve finished 12 rows you should have a square! Make sure and keep it with all your other squares you’ve made this far, so you can make that afghan in the end!


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