Learning to Crochet – How to change colors

While crocheting, changing colors can seem like no big deal. Until you do it and it just looks…..funky. But how are you SUPPOSED to do it?? Well stick around, cause I’m about to show you!

So starting off, working with one color. Before you finish the last stitch in that color, you’re going to want to pick up the second color and pull it through to finish off that stitch. That way you will be starting the next stitch already with the color on the hook. Then you can work as many stitches you need to with that color. Make sure if it’s a double sided piece that you bring the other strand of yarn along with you so there aren’t pieces of yarn randomly going across your piece.

That’s not too difficult, right? You just need to finish the stitch right before your color change with the color you’re changing too!


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