Tutorial – Unicorn Wall Hanging

So I’m not sure if just anyone has a metal unicorn shape just laying around, but you could just as easily do it with whatever you have laying around your house. I got unicorn one in a little kids activity kit that was given to me as a gag gift one Christmas, but a circle or moon, or whatever shape you could find would work great!

Let’s get started! Grab whatever shape you want to use, and grab the colors of yarn you’d like to use! I like rainbows, and it goes really well with the unicorn shape, but use whatever colors you have/will go well with your decor.

I wanted mine to be 12 inches long, so I got out my tape measure so I could make sure and cut the pieces at the right spot. I laid out my tape measure, and then took my yarn and folded it in half next to the tape measure so that I could cut 24 inch long pieces. I cut two of each color that I had, and I ended up with 40 pieces of yarn at 24 inches long.

I took the two pieces of the same color and put it underneath the unicorn with the loop part in the middle of the unicorn, I took the ends and put them through the loop, then I pulled tight making sure that the ends were as even as I could get them. I then continued this with all the colors I had.

If you want them all to be uniformed you can trim the bottom to make sure they are all even, but I preferred mine to be a little uneven. I hung it up in my office, and I’m just so please with how it turned out! If you make one, tag me in it on Instagram, I’d love to see it!


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