Knit Crate Review – First Impressions

I’m sure you’ve seen ads, or even your favorite yarny influencer showing you their new box of Knitcrate and you’re just sitting there drooling over the gorgeous yarns. A lot of the time you’ll see they have codes for a percentage off, or even one to get your first crate for only $5! And if you’re like me you’ll think “Wow! Such a good deal! But maybe next time…”

I finally signed up using a friends link and got my first month for $5. And my only thoughts now are, “WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!?!” Seriously though. When my box showed up I was super impressed by the quality and size of the hanks of yarn. Plus you get a little booklet with several knit and crochet (don’t let the name fool you, it’s not just for knitters!!) patterns that you can use your new yarn with, and a SUPER cute button!

It took all my willpower to wait until I could take some pics with my new yarn before I balled up the hanks and started on a new pattern. Once I got the pictures I wanted I was able to start playing with the beautifully hand dyed yarn. I must admit that I first thought this wool was going to be scratchy. I had never worked with merino wool before and was pleasantly surprised. It was in fact so soft and squishy! The small crochet shawl I made was a perfect choice with this yarn, and the colors matched so well with the bralette I was working on!

Ok, let’s get into the details. The regular Knitcrate box is $24.99 USD a month, and the sock version is $19.99 USD a month. Both are very good deals for the large amount of hand dyed yarn, but you can get your first month for only $5 to try it out! To get your first month for only $5 click here and it’ll take you to their website and a window will pop up with the coupon code!

All in all, this is something that I highly recommend Knitcrate and at only $5 for your first box, why not give it a try!? I know that I’m definitely going to continue getting the boxes in the future! (And I’ll definitely be updating y’all along the way!)


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