Knitcrate – Month Two Review

Let me tell you about my second month of Knitcrate! This month they sent out an email saying that a few things were going to change, mainly that they were going to start mailing boxes out on the 10th of the month. That means we get our boxes a whole 5 days earlier!!

So on the 10th they sent out shipping info and 3 days later I got the package in the mail! (The boxes fit perfectly inside my mailbox, which is nice when you live in a sketchy neighborhood like I did!) But alas! I got the wrong color!! I wasn’t too upset, because I liked all the color choices for that month, but I felt like I should email them and let them know and also get some info on what they do in that situation. So I emailed then, and got a do-not-reply standard email in return saying that they got my email and will get back to me within 3-5 business days. With it being Friday close to 5pm, I decided to not worry about it and started using my new yarn. A few days later I decided to check and see if I got an email from them yet, and turns out they had replied almost immediately! They said that they would be sending out the correct color, and to keep the box I had received by accident. I keep getting more and more impressed with Knitcrate as a company! They truly went above and beyond.

So, now let’s talk about the yarn for this months box!! This month I got the natural and energize boxes. Each box had 800 yards of 100% Baby Alpaca in fingering weight. I’ve tried wools and Alpaca blends before, but always found them so itchy. This one, though. Ooh. It was sooo incredibly soft and dreamy! Plus this month the extra thing in the box was colorful stitch markers and knitting needle point protectors.

Ok, let’s review the details. The regular Knitcrate box is $24.99 USD a month, and the sock version is $19.99 USD a month. Both are very good deals for the large amount of hand dyed yarn, but you can get your first month for only $5 to try it out! To get your first month for only $5 click here and it’ll take you to their website and a window will pop up with the coupon code!

All in all, this is something that I highly recommend Knitcrate and at only $5 for your first box, why not give it a try!? I know that I’m definitely going to continue getting the boxes in the future! (And I’ll definitely keep updating y’all along the way!)


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