Tutorial – Skull Baby Blanket

A while back I found a skull shawl pattern, and I thought it would be super cool to turn it into a baby blanket. I got some Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn and started out to modify the triangle shawl into a square blanket. It took a little work, but I got a decent looking blanket out of it. I’ve gotten so many questions on what pattern I used, so I figured I’d write up the methods I’ve used along with the diagram I found.

What you will need to make this baby blanket are the following:
-H (5mm) crochet hook
Lion Brand Ice cream

I found the diagram one day while scrolling Pinterest. It was in a different language, but that didn’t matter because I could just read the diagram. Here is the diagram I used, and the link in case you want to go check it out!

If you can understand crochet diagrams you should have little issue following it. The skull bits can be a little difficult, with going back and forth a couples times for one row, but the little side diagrams do help with that.

When I’m making a baby blanket I like making them 28 inches by 28 inches, which means its 4 skull squares by 4 skull squares. When you get to where it would start another skull square going out, that’s where you’ll start decreasing. Instead of chain 2, treble crochet into the chain space from below, flip your work, chain 8 at the end of the row, you’ll treble crochet into the chain space from below, turn your work, chain 4, and continue your row from there.

Once you’ve gotten to the top, and made it as big as you wanted, you’ll work on the boarder. I like a more simple boarder of half double crochet around, but if you want something more fun you can first do a row of single crochet and then do your preferred boarder. You could even do a double crochet two, chain two, skip two around and then weave a ribbon through for a nice little touch!


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