Tutorial – Skull Baby Blanket

A while back I found a skull shawl pattern, and I thought it would be super cool to turn it into a baby blanket. I got some Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn and started out to modify the triangle shawl into a square blanket. It took a little work, but I got a decent looking … Continue reading Tutorial – Skull Baby Blanket


Tutorial – Crochet Pumpkins

Last year I was a little bit late to the crochet pumpkin game, but this year I'm ready and I have a free tutorial for three different sized pumpkins! So grab some worsted weight yarn, a 5mm crochet hook and put on your favorite spooky tunes! Materials used:Worsted weight yarnH (5mm) crochet hookScissorsEmbroidery needlePoly-fil or … Continue reading Tutorial – Crochet Pumpkins

Tutorial – Faux Fur Crochet Mat

I keep seeing all over Instagram people have these faux fur blankets, or mats or whatever in their pictures, but I can never find one that's within my price range (I can be pretty stingy sometimes). So when I found Lion Brand Go For Faux at Walmart yesterday for only $2 a skein, I got … Continue reading Tutorial – Faux Fur Crochet Mat