Tutorial – Chunky Tassel Earrings

I had a bunch of chunky yarn scraps left over from making a lots of Bobbie Beanies and I couldn’t think of what to make with them. I tried making a couple coasters with them, and those were cute, but I wanted to try doing something else too. I’ve made tassel earrings before–I have some in my shop–but I wondered what they would look like with chunky yarn instead of embroidery thread. So I tried it out, and I was pleasantly surprised.


What you will need:
Chunky yarn
Needle nose pliers
Smaller crochet
2 Sizes of jump rings
Ear wires


First, take the larger of the 2 jump rings and open it up. Then start wrapping the yarn around, leaving enough room at the end for the tassel part.

IMG_20181029_162422.jpg  IMG_20181029_162443.jpg

Take the longer string and wrap it around close to the top with the jump ring. Wrap it about 4-5 times around.

img_20181029_162621.jpg  img_20181029_162820.jpg

Then take the crochet hook and shove it up the center of the wrapped around part and pull the tail through with the hook. You can either trim the tail now, or wait until you trim the rest of the yarn.


Then add the smaller of the jump rings


Add the ear wire to the jump rings, and close it.


Gather all the ends together and trim them so they are even.


And there you have it, a pair of chunky tassel earrings!!
Aren’t these so cute and unique looking?


If you make a pair, don’t forget to post a picture on Instagram and tag me @pottpro!
I’d love to see them!





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